Our Discretionary Service

We construct and manage portfolios using a wide range of appropriate investments, with strong risk controls built in. Using the collective insight of our research teams and investment managers, we aim to protect and grow the capital of each client.

Share Dealing

Through the personalised advisory service at Mayfair Capital Limited, we aim to cater for most of your share dealing and investment needs. Our advisory service covers all areas of the market from UK Aim to FTSE 100, to US markets and European markets.

Capital Growth Strategy

Equities are ideally suited to offer investors a Capital Growth Strategy. With Capital Growth Strategies investors often prefer smaller to mid-capitalised companies over larger blue chip stocks as these have the potential for greater growth and as a result are expected to offer an increased return on capital over time. We believe diversification is important in Capital Growth Strategies in order to manage the risk, but we would expect to offer an increased return on capital over time. However, smaller and mid-capitalised stocks also include higher risk to your capital and you may have difficulty in selling them at a reasonable price and in some circumstances it may be difficult to sell at any price.

The advantage of a Capital Growth Strategy can be an increasing asset value and an enhanced return compared with most other investment strategies. The disadvantages are that they are higher risk with unpredictable returns and can lead to a significant loss of capital if crystalised. We believe the key to a potentially successful Capital growth strategy is down to accurate market entry and exit timings.

Income Strategy

Income investing aims to invest in companies that provide a steady stream of income and is one of our most straight forward strategies. Generally when investors envisage a steady income stream they commonly think of bonds, however certain equities can also provide relatively solid dividends.

Income Strategies usually focus on older more established companies that have reached a large market capitalisation and may no longer be able to sustain high levels of growth. These companies, usually found in the Telecoms, Utilities and Industrial sectors may no longer require the capital to invest into their companies. As a result these companies can pay out larger dividends with the chance to re-invest the dividends on a quarterly basis. This can provide clients with the chance to have a higher yielding portfolio.

Balanced Portfolio

As the name suggests this is a portfolio that aims to find the right balance between Capital Growth and Income Strategies. The balance is decided by the client and their personal advisor.

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